15 Things To Be Grateful For Today!

When was the last time you complained about something? I’m guilty. I actually complained this morning on my flight back to Denver, CO. It was a 5:45am flight with a newborn baby crying extremely loud. All I could think about was, “Can the mom or dad please feed the baby, change the diaper, cuddle him to sleep, or do something?” I wanted to sleep on the plane, but couldn’t because of the loud baby cries. It didn’t help that I was so hungry. I didn't have time to eat breakfast. I also complained about going back to work today.

It was at that moment I quickly acknowledged my negative train of thought. I realized I was complaining about things I couldn't control at the moment. Instead of complaining, I changed my mindset. I reminded myself why I’m grateful, what I’m grateful for, and why complaining was an energy drainer. This morning's experience made me realize that a lot of us complain about a variety of things when we should consistently be grateful. Grateful for the things we have because there are so many others who aren’t as fortunate. 

Sometimes, we need to take a moment and just reflect on our lives, what we’ve lost, what we’ve gained and who we have become. Don’t get caught up in what you don’t have or what’s going wrong in your life. Instead, focus on the positive things. Most times the things we think are simple and basic, are really the things we should be the most thankful and grateful for. Those are the things that always have the most value!

15 Things To Be Grateful For Today: 

15 Things To Be Grateful For Today!

Smile! Less Complaining...More Gratitude!

  1. You Woke Up This Morning! (Some people are no longer here.)
  2. You Are In Good Health! (Some people are ill or disabled.) 
  3. You Have A Loving Spouse! (Some people never find that special someone.) 
  4. You’re A Parent! (Some people are unable to have children or can't afford to adopt.)
  5. You’re parents and grandparents are still here! (Some people no longer have some or all of them.)
  6. You Have True Friends! (Some people struggle to find just one genuine trustworthy friend.)
  7. You Are Financially Stable! (Some people are struggling to make ends meet.)
  8. You Have A Job! (Some people are struggling to find work.) 
  9. You’re A Business Owner! (Some people lack the courage and determination to pursue entrepreneurship.) 
  10. You Have A Car! (Some people can’t afford to buy a car or get their car repaired.)
  11. You Have A Home! (Some people are living on the street, in shelters, or with friends/family.)
  12. You Can See! (Some people are blind and wish they could see the world.) 
  13. You Can Speak! (Some people lost or never had a voice and wish they could communicate with words.) 
  14. You Can Walk! (Some people wish they had the ability to walk.)
  15. You’re gifted! (Some people wish they could reach those levels of intelligence and creativity.)

What are you grateful for? Don’t wait until you no longer have something or someone to realize how grateful you should have been. Be grateful now. How are you going to show gratitude today?