5 Ideas For Valentine's Day!

5 Ideas For Valentine's Day!

Either you love it or hate it.....

Every year I hear the same complaints about Valentine's Day. Some hate it, some love it, and some simply do not care. I personally feel it's not that serious to complain about. For those who love it, let them have their fun. For those who hate it, why waste time complaining about it? Why put that much energy into a day you care nothing about? If you're in a relationship and complain, we get it. You show love everyday, not just on Valentines's Day. If you're single and complain, we get you too. You probably wish you had a special someone to spend time with today. That is ok to want that. 

For everyone else who complains about it, we get it. You don't celebrate Valentines Day, you don't believe in fake holidays, or it's a waste a money.  We have so many days throughout the year to celebrate many things. This is just another one of those days to do just that. Whether if you are showing love to your spouse, family, friend, or coworker, it's all suppose to be fun. Just like all of the other holidays and special days throughout the year. If you choose not to participate, that's your perogative. I'm all about positive thinking and having fun. So if you hate Valentine's Day, that's ok. Just don't use your energy towards being negative about it. Instead, use your energy towards something else positive in your life.

If you're still wondering what to do today or this weekend, try these 5 ideas. These can be done with friends, family or a special someone! Remember, don't be so serious and negative. It's just another day to have fun!

5 Things to do for valentines day:

  1. Go See Blank Panther! I've heard nothing but great reviews on this movie. I can't wait to see it. It's Black History Month. It's the perfect time to support a black film. Make sure you stay after the credits finish rolling. I've been told there is more in store for viewers. Get Entertained for V-Day!
  2. Get a Full Body Massage! I'm 99% sure everywhere is booked by now, but you can still call around and check for last minute openings. Or you can get all the oils, scents and music to set up at home for free. Get Relaxed for V-Day!
  3. Cook at Home! Restaurants will be crowded for the rest of the week. Prepare a nice meal in the comfort of your own home. You will save time and money. Eat Great for V-Day!
  4. Go to the Beach! If you live near a beach, this is perfect. What's better than sitting out in the sun and just chillin. Listening to the sounds of the waves, the birds chirping, watching the clouds pass by, reading and meditating. Stimulate Your Mind for V-Day!
  5. Go for a Hike or a Run! Get up and get outdoors. Get some fresh air. Yes, I know it's winter time and cold in most parts of the USA, but once you get outside and start moving, your body will warm up. Get fit for V-Day!

What do you have planned for Valentine's Day or Weekend? Comment below!