5 Things To Do When Relocating

5 Things To Do When Relocating

I’m originally from Nashville TN. I love my hometown. I have many great memories and experiences there. In the summer of 2012, I began to feel like I was missing out on something. I really wasn’t sure what that "something" was, but I just new I needed a change. I knew that I needed to reach a new level to get new results in different areas of my life. After a lot of praying, journaling, researching, meditating, and some good ole self talk, I realized that what I needed was relocation. 

I needed a new environment, new people, new cultures, new job, new time zone, new weather, and new experiences. I started searching for new jobs in Miami, Florida. I chose Miami, Florida because it's always warm there and I love the heat. I didn’t have lots of friends or family living in Florida, but I knew that was a place I wanted to start my relocation journey.

In August 2012, I accepted a job offer. Three days before I was scheduled to start, I decline the job offer. Why? Because I got scared. I kept wondering, “What if I start this job, don’t perform well and get fired? What if I can’t find an affordable place to live? What if I don’t have enough money saved? What if my plan is not good enough? What if my car doesn’t make it on this long and hot thirteen hour drive from Nashville to Miami? What if I don’t connect well with my coworkers? What if I don’t meet any new friends? What if people don’t like me? What if, what if, what if! I kept going on and on and on with these same questions. This led to me being stressed and frustrated. 

I let all that fear and doubt build up. Those emotions made me call and rescind the job acceptance. I felt terrible about that last minute decision because I didn't want to be unprofessional. I didn't want a company to think I wasted their time. At that moment, I felt that was the best decision for me. As the months past by, I started to have regrets. I wondered, "How would my life be if I had taken that job?" The fact that it was unknown was bothering me every single day. I don’t know if it would have worked out or not because I didn’t even try. 

I decided to go back to the drawing board by applying for jobs again. I was offered another job in Miami, FL with a different company. I officially relocated and started working there in June 2013. I was terrified, but I knew I had to do it scared. Although I was scared, part of me was also excited. I had to use that excitement during the times when I felt discouraged. 

I now realize that I made the best decision I ever made in my life. Relocation was and is for me. Since that first move, I have lived and worked in Orlando FL, Fredrick MD, Denver CO and Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. Relocating gave me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and travel to so many fun places. As of now, it's been four years and seven months since I've relocated from my hometown. I haven’t moved back since. That’s not to say I never will. You never know where life may take you. Right now, I am still having fun experiencing new places.

Relocating has taught me to never be afraid to start over, to meet new people, and to fight those obstacles. It has also taught me that no matter what I do in my life, I just need to always DO IT and not second guess or doubt myself. There is NO TRY, just DO IT. Let the results dictate if you need to continue pressing forward in the same direction or if you need to switch it up and take the next exit onto a different path. 

If you think you aren't ready to relocate because you don’t have the perfect plan in place, then you will never be ready. Once you do get ready, you will always think of a new excuse or reason why you can't do it yet. No matter how prepared you think you will be, there is always something else you will add to your "to do list." You might as well just do it now, do it scared, do it unprepared, and learn as you go!

5 things to do when relocating:

  1. Have A Source of Income! Unless you have someone supporting you financially 100%, you need your own source of income. Even if it's only once source, you need to always have some money coming in from somewhere at all times. If you are relocating for the job of a lifetime and it pays well, that’s great! Others may not have reached that level yet. Some people may want to relocate, but just haven’t found the right job opportunity. Don’t wait on the perfect job. Take advantage of an opportunity that you may not normally take. It could lead to levels you never imagined. Even if the job opportunity doesn't offer all of the experience you prefer or doesn't pay the level of income you feel you deserve, still take the risk. You can still search for other job opportunities that you truly desire, while still gaining new experience, making connections and earning income. Those opportunities you truly desire just may come quicker than you think. Taking that first step could open up more doors faster than you expected. 
  2. Get A Roommate! I love having my own personal space, but sometimes you have to do what you need to do. If you are moving to a city that doesn’t have many affordable housing options for you, then consider getting a roommate until you can afford to get your own house or apartment. It’s only temporary. Most of the time you will be working and spending time enjoying your new city. This option is still possible if you have children because there are plenty of kid-friendly roommates.
  3. Don’t Try To Have The Perfect Plan! Yes, having a detailed plan will set you up for success, but we all know sometimes things doesn’t always go as planned. You have to know when and how to adjust and revise the plan. If you don’t have a plan at all, I’m here to tell you to still do it. Jump off that cliff, fly and see where you land. Some may say, "Cleo that’s stupid and risky." So! Life is about taking risks, and many risks that scare you are the risks that turn out to be a blessing. Will it be easy? Sometimes it will and sometimes it won't. Some of my best opportunities and accomplishments came from me not being as prepared as I thought I should have been and just jumping and taking the risks.
  4. Be Ready To Ride The Bus And The Train! When I was living in Orlando, FL my car died. I had no one to call and ask for rides. I had no clue how to ride the bus or train in this new city, but I had to quickly learn so I could get to work and get my daughter to school everyday. I had to do this for several months until I was able to get a new car. From hot and rainy days to hot and humid days, I was on that bus and train. You may have a car now, but you never know when you are in a position when you have to use public transportation. 
  5. Have At Least One Months Worth Of Basic Living Expenses Saved! When I relocated for the first time, I had no money saved. Seriously, I didn't even have $100 saved. I took my last paycheck from my previous job and that was all the money I had to work with until I received my first check from my new job. The lack of money saved was scary, but I still chose to relocate and soar through the struggles. A months worth of savings isn’t a lot of money at all, but it’s better than having zero dollars. It will give you a small cushion to fall on while your in transition. 

If you are considering relocation, just do it. If I didn’t take that leap of faith, I would have still been stuck in the same mindset and same positions. I would have missed out on all of these amazing opportunities I’ve had thus far. I have no regrets. The good and the bad experiences have made me stronger, wiser and has allowed me to have the strength to block fear, doubt and negative thoughts and feelings when they try to come back into my life. 

Don’t stress or worry about not having the perfect plan or perfect situation. Perfect will never come. Life is about trying new things and learning as we go. If something doesn’t work out that way you expected, that’s ok. You just need to figure out what worked, what didn’t work, what you should do next and how you will do things differently. 

I encourage anyone to relocate at least once in their lifetime. New people, new places, and new experiences feed our souls with hope and happiness. Seeing the same people and places and doing the same things every day, every week, every month, and every year can get comfortable and boring. It could also be holding you back from your special gift and purpose in life. If you move away and don't like it, you can always move back to your hometown. At least you know you tried something new and stepped outside of your comfort zone. So get out there and explore the world! 

Need more relocation tips? I have plenty more! Contact me with your questions!