What Are Your Options If You Don't Have Insurance!

9 Options If You Don't Have Insurance
Tonya Rapley, Creator of My Fab Finance

Tonya Rapley, Creator of My Fab Finance

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Most of us have experienced a time when we needed a product or services but did not have insurance. I have definitely been there a few times in the past. There are a variety of reasons why someone may not have insurance coverage, whether it is auto insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, life insurance, or health insurance. 

Some people may not have health or life insurance due to a pre-existing condition, some may not have auto insurance because of their poor driving record, and some may not have insurance simply because they cannot afford the costs right now. Regardless of the reason, you do have options.

Here are ten options to consider if you don’t have insurance:

  1. Have an emergency fund with three to six months’ worth of living expenses! The first source is always YOU. Having money saved will go a long way if you are uninsured. Depending on the services or products you need, sometimes you may be required to pay the costs in full or at least a percentage. You will have some peace of mind if you have your own money set aside. 
  2. Ask for uninsured discounts! When you are receiving medical services or products, most times they will give you a discount if you pay in cash or by check. 
  3. Ask for a payment plan! Some medical offices, especially if you are a regular customer, will allow you to start a payment plan. They will provide you with the services you need now and allow you to spread the cost over the next few weeks or months. You may be required to pay at least five to ten percent of the total balance owed on the day the services are rendered. 
  4. Use Groupon! Most times you will find that a dental office, medical office, massage therapist, or chiropractor will have affordable deals that you may not get anywhere else. 
  5. Ask for new customer prices! Most times you can get services and products for free or receive a large discount as a new customer. Sometimes those deals may not be offered or advertised. 
  6. Contact local Dental Schools! If the work you need is not very serious or complicated, you will find that utilizing the services provided at dental schools are much cheaper.  If they are unable to do the work you need, they may have a connection with a company who could give you an affordable price. 
  7. Ask friends and Family! You would be surprised who the people in your life are connected to. Someone always knows someone, who knows someone else. If you are in an auto accident, someone may know of an auto body shop that is affordable or willing to give you a great deal. If you have an incident at your home or apartment that requires repairs or replacement of the building or personal property, someone may know of a company who could provide their services at a low cost. Everyone loves referrals. 
  8. Contact local churches, community centers, and non-profit organizations! They may have connections with local companies or programs that can provide products and services for those who are uninsured and unable to cover the cost themselves. 
  9. Try an Urgent Care before the Hospital Emergency Room! Unless you have a serious life threatening issue, I would suggest getting services from a local Urgent Care. The emergency room can sometimes have longer wait times and are more expensive. 

If you or someone you know doesn’t have insurance, these tips will provide a head start with navigating through your experience. Although your results may vary depending on your location and situation, but I guarantee that at least one if not all of these tips will be helpful for someone who is uninsured. The big take away is start with having money saved and be proactive with asking anyone and everyone questions about discounts and other affordable options in your area.