What are flaws?

NOUN - a mark, fault, or other imperfection that mars a substance or object.

VERB - (of an imperfection) mar, weaken, or invalidate (something).

My neck and left shoulder area shows the "lighter skin" that some people have asked, "What is That?"

My neck and left shoulder area shows the "lighter skin" that some people have asked, "What is That?"

As a young girl, I was always asked about the pigmentation of the skin on my neck and left shoulder area. They would ask, "What is that? How did that happen? Do you have a skin disease? Did you have an accident? Is it Vitiligo? Back then, I had no clue what it was. My uncle use to tell me it was a birthmark because he had the same thing in the same area. 

The doctor I was seeing when I was living in Denver, CO told me it was Vitiligo. No other doctors from my past ever asked about it or addressed it. I used to be subconscious about it. In the summertime, it's more noticeable because all of my skin would tan except for the lighter portions. Although I would still wear clothes that didn't cover it, I would still lack the confidence to boldly walk around with my head held high. I thought as I got older it would all go away. Whatever it really is, it appears to be here to stay. 

I've now learned to embrace that area of my body. I became comfortable, confident and learned to love me just the way I am. I learned to finally walk around with my head held high just as I should every single day. 

When you're a young girl, sometimes you aren't taught self love. Most times people are telling you what they feel you should be or should want to look like. They try to convince you to fit into a box. I no longer wanted to be in a box. I no longer desired to fit in and look like everyone else. I wanted to be myself, me and only me. I didn't want to live my life constantly hiding my "flaws." If someone doesn't like it, they can simply look the other way. They don't have to look or touch it. It's a great feeling when you are so in love with yourself that you will not settle for just anything. Always remember to be an individual. Embrace your own style and flavor.  

The older I get, the more I understand why self love is so important. When you truly love yourself,  you don't wonder or worry about what others think or say. You actually could care less. When you dwell on what others think and say about you, you will forever live your life trying to fit into others perception of what beauty should be. Don't go down that route. When you walk into a room with a high level of confidence, you will be noticed way before you even speak. Your aura will shine so bright that there will be nothing that anyone can say about you to make you feel less than. There opinions and thoughts simply won't matter or have an effect on you. 

"What may seem like flaws to one person, can be the most beautiful canvas to another!"

The next time you see a woman or a man who you admire, give them a genuine compliment. No one wants to be dependent on compliments or approval from others to feel good about themselves, but it's a generous and kind gesture to show love to someone else. Whether if we want to admit it or not, most of us want to be loved and adored. Who doesn't love a compliment sometimes. Help someone else by showing them some love today. It could be a friend, family member, co-worker or a stranger. 

Help yourself by embracing all of those things you once disliked about your physical appearance. If there is something you currently dislike, just look in the mirror and learn to love what you see. Don't compare yourself to another person. You aren't them and they aren't you. Don't change anything about yourself. Love it all. Don't worry about who will like it, love it or accept it. Even if you decide to change something about your physical appearance, make sure you do it for you and not for someone else. Your self love will become so powerful that it will attract like minded people who will support you. Support those who support you!