How Yoga and Finance Correlate!

When setting new goals at any time of the year, the two topics that are usually at the top of the list are Fitness and Finance. Improving what we eat and how we workout are always goals because we all want to look better, feel better and live longer. Becoming financially stable and maintaining it are always goals so that we can create wealth for generations to come. So, how are the two related?

How Yoga and Finance Correlate!

You could have all the money in the world, no debt, managing your cash flow, plenty of investments and giving back to your community, but if you're constantly sick, tired, overweight, underweight or have poor eating habits, you won't be well enough or live long enough to enjoy the financial stability you've created.

You could be at the highest level of your fitness ability, but you won't be able to continue to be great and show your talents to the world if you're constantly struggling with financial issues. Financial stress is toxic. That type of stress pours over into other areas of your life. It's a domino effect.

I Love Yoga! 

When I think about Yoga, it makes me feel good inside and out. It challenges me and heals me on the mental, physical and spiritual levels. No matter if I'm having a good day or bad day, Yoga always contributes to my progress towards more positivity and success. The unique transformation of my mind, body and soul translates to many other areas of my life. It builds strength, endurance and power to conquer any experience that comes my way.

I Love Finance!

I experienced traumatic financial issues throughout my twenties. Now that I am older, I've used those lessons learned to change my financial family tree so that I won't continue to make those same mistakes. Being a single mother of a 14 year old daughter, I knew that I needed to be the example instead of just telling her what she should and shouldn't do with her money.  

How Yoga and Finance Correlate!
How Yoga and Finance Correlate!

You Can't Be Wealthy If Your Body Isn't Healthy!

Yoga and Finance are related becuase they both require discipline, mental strength, physical strength and patience. There is also a spiritual connection you experience with both throughout your journey no matter who or what you believe in. The challenges you would face in Yoga, will give you the boost you need to overcome the challenges you would face in Finance, and vice versa.

I made the decision to become a Yoga Instructor and a Financial Coach because I literally think about it everyday all day. It has changed my life so much in a positive way that I just have to share it with others.

At first I thought, "Cleo, you need to choose because you can't start more than one business at the same time." I've read and heard so many "expert" opinions about how starting more than one business at the same time decreases your chances to be successful at all.

Since my love for both is just too great, I've decided to do both. That is the best thing about living life. You get to experience it the way you want to. I've learned to live my life for me, with no apologies or regrets. Doing what makes me happy is important to me.  

SIDE NOTE: Don't be afraid to pursue more than one idea at the same time just because you think it won't be accepted!

I will show others that no matter who you are, where your from or what your past looks like, your present will be the start of something great. Your future will be bright and prosperous, if you're willing to do the work.

Yoga and Finance are two different worlds, yet they have so many similarities. It's not always easy to teach and coach others, but the rewards last a lifetime. To know that someone's life has changed in a positive way, is the greatest reward. Helping others create a better life for themselves and their families makes me feel good. I love to see when others are winning and experiencing breakthroughs.

When I was experiencing some difficult storms years ago, I had no one to talk to or help me. For the few people in my life who I knew might have listened or helped me, I didn't have the courage to pick up the phone and ask. I was too ashamed, embarrassed and let my pride get in the way of seeking the help I needed. Now that I have overcome those issues from the past, I want to help others do the same. 

There are no limitaitons in Yoga. Anyone and everyone can do it. Your practice is YOUR practice. No matter what road you are on in your life journey, Yoga will help you mentally, physically and spiritually.

There is always the next level to reach Financially. If we are struggling with our finances, we need to seek help. If we are doing well financially, still continuously learn because the financial world changes everyday.

Strengthening your power in Yoga and Finances will allow you to be equipped with the tools to live life in ways you never imagined. Don't be afraid to admit you need help. Don't allow fear and doubt to stop you from trying something new. Be open minded. Don't underestimate who you can learn from. Have fun, smile and laugh. Always try your best to see the positive in any situation or environment.

Get out of your REAL comfort zone. Dig deep to figure out which comfort zones are holding you back. Amazing results requires multiple levels of change. Are you ready for the challenge?

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I look forward to meeting you soon, whether if it's Yoga related, Finance related or both!

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