Just Chill

It was 4:57am on Saturday March 10, 2018. I was scheduled to fly from Denver, CO to Dallas, TX at 5:05am. I was two minutes to late. By the time I reached the gate, it was already closed. I knew the gate closed 10 minutes before departure, but I didn't care. I wanted them to open the gate because the plane was still sitting there. The airline employee told me once the gate is closed, they can't open it. She then advised I would have to be on stand by for the next flight. I was so upset. I began to have an attitude. I wondered, "What if the next plane is full? What if the next flight is several hours from now?"

The airline employee explained that the next flight leaves at 6:14am from the same gate. Then I thought to myself, "Cleo, why are you mad? Why are you tripping?" It was now 5:20am. If the next flight leaves at 6:14am, then I can board at 5:45am, which means I would only have to wait 25 more minutes. That's not a long time to wait at all. I told myself I need to "Just Chill." As I waited for the next flight the next plane was pulling up. I felt so silly for getting bothered about being on stand by for the next plane because I didn't need to be in a rush. I didnt have anything scheduled or planned that morning. In my mind I was in a rush for nothing.

Just Chill

Over the last few months, I've been flying around the country more than I ever have before. Each flight I've been in a rush. Here, I had a flight that didn't require me to rush, but I was still stuck in the "rushing" mindset. Weird. Yes, I know!

Turning Negatives into Positives!

Once it was time to board, I was told that I would officially have a seat on the plane (Positive #1). I was then told I would get a window seat (Positive #2). I don't like aisle or middle seats. Once I boarded the plane, I realized no one else was sitting next to me. Yep, I had the whole row to myself. I was able to kick my feet up with my cover and relax (Positive #3).

As I waited to for the plane to depart, I noticed everyone on the flight was complaining about it being too hot. The heat was on full blast. A flight attendant turned on the air, but told everyone it would take while for it to began circulating throught the plane. I love the heat and warm air so I was totally comfortable (Positive # 4).

I reminded myself that "It's All Good" because I was able to get on the next flight that was leaving only one hour and nine minutes after my missed flight (Positive #5). That next flight was also at the same gate. I didn't have to run or catch a train to another gate (Positive #6). Before I boarded the next plane, I was able to catch up on emails and a few other items on my to do list. Down time is a good time to get things done (Positive #7).

This experience reminded me that sometimes things happened. They may or may not be within our control. Either way, "Just Chill" because it will all work out the way it’s suppose to. I was so bothered and upset about missing my flight (focusing on the negative), that I didn't even realize that my situaton could have turned out better than my original flight experience (focusing on the positive).

We should all take the "Just Chill" approach to when something doesn't go as planned. We should breathe, relax, channel our inner spirit and release our positive vibes. "Just Chill" and remind yourself that it will be ok. Even if it doesn't look or feel ok, it will eventually be ok. Don't be upset, sad or bothered, "Just Chill" because things could always be worse.

Sometimes our reactions are unnecessary. When we react in a negative way our moods change, our mindset is affected and those around us can see, hear and feel our negative vibes.

The next time you get upset, sad or bothered ask yourself:

1. Did I contribute to this?

2. Why am I feeling this way?

3. Is this something I can control?

4. Can anything positive come from this?

We all should "Just Chill" more often. Being upset, sad and bothered can pour into other areas of our life. It could interfere with your entire day. We don't want that. So today, let's start telling ourselves to "Just Chill" when we know we need to. What we think and speak has a huge impact in our lives every single day. Let's learn how to control our emotions, especially when unexpected things happen.

When was the last time you got upset, sad, bothered or overreacted? Did you remind yourself to "Just Chill?"