Stop Hatin' On Mondays

Stop Hatin' On Mondays

Mondays! The day of the week most people hate right? Why do Mondays have a bad rep? Well, it's because it's the first day of the work week, most people aren’t finished enjoying the weekend, and many people aren’t ready to go back to work. I admit, I use to hate Mondays. Sunday would come, then I would dred Monday Morning. I use to speak, think and feel this all the time, but then I realized I was setting my week up for failure. My thoughts, feelings and the negative words I spoke every Monday was interfering with my entire week. 

I wondered, why do so many people continue to say the same thing week after week. I use to think it was funny or not that serious of a statement, but it has become a trend for years. When you are living your life like there is no tomorrow, making time for things that bring you happiness, and surrounding yourself around people who give you the motivation to always strive to be YOU, then you won’t hate Monday’s every single week. 

Our mindset and the words we speak, think and feel have a direct affect on how we live our lives and what happens in our lives. When we speak, think and feel negativity, it’s starts to fester throughout our minds, bodies and souls. It could be on a small or large scale, but it most definitely has an affect. Those negative thoughts, feelings and words becomes a habit. With a habit comes more habits. Make sure you are building habits that help you progress and not hold you back. You may think something as simple as saying "I Hate Mondays" may not affect your success or daily progression, but it does. Disagree? Ok, for the next month, speak, feel and think more positivity and less negativity. Be specific on how you want your life to be, how you want to feel each day, and things you want to see happen. Then reflect and compare it to previous months to see how your days and weeks turn out differently when your daily words, thoughts and feelings change. 

Now do I ever have a bad day? Yes! Do I ever have a day or a week when I don’t feel as motivated, encouraged and inspired? Yes! Is everyday going to be perfect or go as planned? Of course not! Do we all have our moments when we are just over it? Yes of course, but we can’t dwell on the negativity. No matter what's happening in your life, the mindset has to stay on the same positive and hopeful page. The only time it should change is when you are moving up to a higher level of positivity. Never slide backwards to the negative mindset. If you are in a position where you are going through a storm, it will get better eventually. It’s ok to be mad or sad temporarily, but you can’t stay there. 

Quickly cry it out, scream out the anger, regroup, and get your action plan together to move on to better days. Everyone's situation is different. Depending on what you are experiencing and the mindset you choose to maintain, will determine how long it will take you to get back on track with your thoughts, feelings, and words. When you start the week speaking warm and positive thoughts instead off repeating cold and negative words like “I hate Mondays,” you will have a more productive head start to your week, personally and professionally. We all deal with issues differently, but the key to any of us getting to a level where great things are happening in our lives is in the mindset. 

When you find yourself complaining, immediately acknowledge it, then be intentional about about what you think, speak and feel. If you aren’t sure how to do that, start by making small changes. Try journaling or writing positive affirmations on sticky notes. When you getting ready in the morning, try listening to some “feel good” music. These work for me. Try whatever works for you. 

Sometimes having an encouraging conversation with someone you trust and respect will brighten your day. Although this is a great way to feel better, you also have to learn how to give your own self a pep talk. You won’t always have someone else to cheer you on or make you feel better. Learn how to make yourself feel better. Sometimes you have to be your own coach, cheerleader, and therapist. 

Start today by speaking positive about Mondays. Whatever positive means for you, speak think and feel that. For me, "Today I will be productive, I choose to be calm instead of frustrated, I choose to use my time wisely, This week will bring more exciting opportunities.”

What type of Monday will you have today? Full of complaints, sadness and anger? or Full of hope, happiness, and excitement? Remember: Stay humble, grateful, and thankful. Reflecting on those will always lead to and keep you in the positive mindset TRIBE!