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10 Things Single Motherhood Has Taught Me

I read so many teen mom struggle stories. I wondered, "If they can’t do it, who am I to think I can be any different?" As I continued to research more and more, I found so many teen mom success stories. People who overcame the negative statistics that were placed on them.

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15 Things To Be Grateful For Today!

Don’t get caught up in what you don’t have or what’s going wrong in your life. Instead, focus on the positive things. Most times the things we think are simple and basic, are really the things we should be the most thankful and grateful for.

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5 Ideas For Valentine's Day!

Some hate it, some love it, and some simply do not care. I personally feel it's not that serious to complain about. For those who love it, let them have their fun. For those who hate it, why waste time complaining about it? Why put that much energy into a day you care nothing about? 

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