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As a young girl, I was always asked about the pigmentation of the skin on my neck and left shoulder area. They would ask, "What is that? How did that happen? Do you have a skin disease? Did you have an accident? Is it Vitiligo? 

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Just Chill

We should all take the "Just Chill" approach to when something doesn't go as planned. We should breathe, relax, channel our inner spirit and release our positive vibes. "Just Chill" and remind yourself that it will be ok. Even if it doesn't look or feel ok, it will eventually be ok.

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Stop Hatin' On Mondays

Mondays! The day of the week most people hate right? Why do Mondays have a bad rep? Well, because It’s the first day of the work week, most people aren’t finished enjoying the weekend, and many people aren’t ready to go back to work. I admit, I use to hate Mondays.

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