SPOTLIGHT #2: Brittany Sconiers, Owner of "Britache' by Bri Fashion Boutique"

Brittany Sconiers, Owner of Britache' by Bri Fashion Boutique

Brittany Sconiers, Owner of Britache' by Bri Fashion Boutique

Genuine. Intelligent. Funny. Caring. Helpful. Exciting. Risk Taker. Beautiful. The Ultimate Fashion Stylist. These are all words that describe Brittany Sconiers. I met her back in 2005 when I was an Accounting student at Tennessee State University. She was always nice and known for her creative and unique styles. What I remember most about her from back in the day was the different color shoes she would wear. It would be the same shoe style, but each shoe was a different color. Some may think it looked weird, others may have thought it was fly. One thing I do know, is that it was Brittany's style. She loved it and so did many others. I remember being in one of her fashion shows. It was filled with lots of smiles, postive energy, dancing, and of course, many talented personalities serving fierceness on the runway. She taught me that no matter what, be YOU. People will either love it or hate it, but nothing compares to being true to who you are. 

She has inspired me in many ways than one. When I first relocated to Florida in 2013, she didn't hesitate to lend a helping hand to myself and my daughter. I had no clue about living in Florida, but she helped us tremendously. That is the definition of a true friend and I appreciate her dearly. It's refreshing to know someone who is successful and genuinely wants to help others. As a Mother, Wife, Accountant and Fashion Designer, she is definitely a powerful force. She is also an exceptional author. In 2016, she published her first book titled "I Finally Found Me." 


"I Finally Found Me"

In this inspiring book Brittany shares with us her struggles and hardships, along with the joys and many blessings she's had in her life. Her message gives hope and shows us to keep the faith when life hits us with road blocks. Just as heartache and sorry comes in many forms, so does happiness and glory. But to experience that glory, we often must endure our fair share of sorrow. 

This book inspired me because I can personally relate, especially when it comes to relocating to a new city and searching for the next job opportunity. These are huge steps. When life doesn't go as planned, it's easy to feel defeated and want to give up. When you realize your future is depending on you not giving up, you then become stronger and resilient. This powerful force inside your mind, body and soul always activates when it's time to fight those battles and overcome those obstacles in life. 

It takes a lot of courage to share your true story. Many of us are ashamed, embarrassed or feel guilty about the negative experiences from our past, but we must share it. The good and the bad. We must show others that life will be a roller coaster, but it doesn't have to leave you depressed and sad forever. Instead, it will give you the strength you need to overcome any obstacles that come your way. Want the full story? Contact her directly to purchase your copy!

I am always amazed by her many talents. She is also the owner of Britache' by Bri Fashion Boutique, which is an e-Boutique. The premise of her e-boutique is to provide super fashionable items at lower prices than you might find anywhere else in the world. She also has a fashion line for her daughter called "SkyeAria." Check out both websites at and I love how she is able to put looks together very quickly. Whether if you are going to work, school, high end fashion event, or a night out on the town, Brittany has the skills to have you looking fabulous on a budget.

Brittany's latest Fashion Events was the Walk Fashion Show on December 9, 2017 in Miami, FL. Another was the DAMA Fashion Show on Sunday December 3, 2017 in Miami, FL. These beautiful models showcased her designs, showing the audience how elegance, classy and fun can all be wrapped into one look.

Photographer: Smile Time Photography (@smiletimephotography)

Models: Stephanie Almeida (@missmiamistephanie), Thalia Diaz (@_thaliadiaz), Talia Zada (@taliazada)

I am thankful to personally know Brittany Sconiers and excited to see the next opportunities coming her way in the future. Let's shine some light on her today. Check out both of her websites at and Connect with her on instagram @britachebybri for updates on her fashion boutique, the book, and so much more! If you have any questions about any her products or services, please contact her directly.

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