SPOTLIGHT #8: Shaterial Starnes "Owner The Starnes Group"

Shaterial Starnes - Owner of The Starnes Group

Shaterial Starnes - Owner of The Starnes Group

It's so refreshing to meet new people who genuinely care about others and want to help them be great. There are so many financial professionals in this world, but it can sometimes be difficult finding someone you trust. When seeking financial guidance, you're required to share personal financial information about you and your family. This isn't always easy, but it does become easier when you are confident in the person you have chosen as your financial professional.

A great quality about someone who is in the financial industry is someone who has their own testimony. Not just any testimony, but one that is real, raw and can relate to many others. 

I met Shaterial Starnes back in 2010. We were both participating in a program called Mentoring Towards Independence (MTI) with Christian Community Services Inc. (CCSI). This is a program that is designed to work with those who are ready to invest in themselves and their families. They empower individuals to direct their own paths to personal and financial well-being, and to create legacies of self-sufficiency for their families. While the adults attend class, the children attend a structured program focused on financial education and personal, academic, social, and spiritual development (PASS).

Throughout this program, Shaterial was someone who was always very nice, respectful and knowledgable. She used her  life experiences to not only motivate herself to make changes, but also inspired and motivated others around her. She created her own company to share the importance of Financial Literacy. Many of us can agree that we wish we were exposed to Financial Education earlier in life. The good news is, it's never to late to learn how to increase your financial lifestyle. It all starts with having a great teacher and being open and ready to receive the knowledge. Shaterial is one of the best Financial Educators creating amazing experiences within her community.

I remember one night during our participation in the MTI program, she helped me. We had just ended our class for that evening. It was night time, raining and cold. I was driving away from the church where our weekly classes were held. I drove over a large puddle of water, hydroplaned and swerved out of control. Thankful, I didn't hit any other cars, sidewalks or other concrete barriers. Shaterial was driving not too far behind me and what happened. She could have kept driving, but she didn't. She stopped and got out of her car in the rain to make sure myself and my daughter were ok. She then prayed for us. You don't meet too many people like this who take time out of their busy day just to make sure you're ok. I'm always and will forever be thankful for having the opportunity to know this kind soul.

This is one of the many reasons I decided to shine a spotlight on her today. She is a Financial Literacy Coach, Consultant and the owner of The Starnes Group. She has over a decade of experience with financial literacy to include the credit industry and has increased her own personal score from poor to excellent.

She wrote an excellent book titled, "Navigating the Credit Repair Maze." The book is for those who want to learn the action steps to take to improve their credit score. This isn't always an easy task, but it can be done with the right guidance. This book not only teaches you how to increase your credit score, but it also teaches you how to maintain a perfect credit score. Everyone's definition of a perfect score may be different, but you can achieve the score you need to reach your credit goals. 

"Navigating The Credit Repair Maze"      Author: Shaterial Starnes

"Navigating The Credit Repair Maze"

Author: Shaterial Starnes

After reading this book, You will leave with the following to help you navigate the credit repair maze: 

  • How your credit score is calculated
  • Request a free copy of your credit score
  • How to get free free credit scores
  • Remove negative items from your credit report
  • Write a "winning" debt validation letter
  • Know your rights about credit repair
  • Tips to raise  your score fast
  • Effective negotiations strategies
  • Over 20 dispute letters


Shaterial has that special gift that is undeniable. You can experience it too. Click here to purchase a copy of her book. She has hard copy and ebook options. Connect with her Facebook at The Starnes Group. If you have questions regarding Shaterial's products or services, please contact her directly at

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