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Cleo Childress is from Nashville TN but currently lives in Dallas TX. As a teen mom, she didn’t think she was capable of overcoming life struggles and challenges. After years of being a single mom, experiencing financial loss, homelessness and being in a deep depression, she persevered and used her personal and professional life lessons towards helping others. As a Financial Educator, Yoga Teacher, Journalist and Speaker, she has a passion for making genuine impacts in communities. She uses the power of Yoga to strengthen the mind body and soul along with empowering the mind through Financial Education to shift mindsets so more people can live the financial and fitness lifestyles they desire.

“Show up daily and be a blessing to someone else. Don’t wonder what if, take a risk!”



Cleo Childress

Cleo was born and raised in Nashville, TN, but currently resides in Dallas/Fort Worth. She studied Accounting at Tennessee State University. After experiencing her own share of valleys and mountain tops, she then realized that experience is the best teacher. As a Financial Educator, Yoga Teacher and Journalist, she serves others through Yoga, Meditation and Financial Empowerment.

Don’t wonder what if... Take a Risk.
— Cleo Childress